Bianca Shelter needs help to deworm all the dogs and cats.

Bianca Shelter need to deworm (inside and outside) all the dogs and cats, in january.
External deworming (flees/ticks) it is made every month or every 3 month, depending the method used.
Internal deworming (worms) it is done 3 times a year.

During winter because of the rain, the pipets don't work in dogs (they always get wet) so, pills like nextgard, bravecto, etc, are the solution.
We did the math and calculated an average of €15 per animal to be both dewormed.
Bianca has now 320 dogs and 50 cats. That means 4500€ for all dogs and 750€ for all cats.

We invite animal lovers to help us with this task so important for animals health and their welfare. Without support it is not possible do this. 
Please donate.
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029 - BIC CGDIPTPL 
For paypal use this email: biancageral@gmail.com
Thanks <3


2018 Calendar

Sneak peak of our calendars!
They're in the print shop and soon will be ready to ship!
From now on we will accept orders by email fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com.
Each cost 7,5euros plus shipping and all proceeds goes to bianca.
Please share and help us to reach more people.



Magoo was found near Bianca tied up to some branches.
He's blind and had an infection on his penis...

Magoo is a senior dog who needs, some rest and a peaceful life... not being around dozens of others dogs in the same space.



Last night (19th July 2017) we got a 2-month-old kitten, with problems in the back legs.
He was crawling on a road. Those who contacted us could not remain indifferent to that scene of a living being in need of help. Thank you André 
This baby was starving.... skinny, dehydrated and full of fleas, beside the neurological problem of his legs.
He was soon treated and medicated. He devoured the pate like a big cat 
We need wet food for kittens. We have lots of kittens.
Help us and share.
André (the kitten) will need a house too 


Once again Madiba...

Madiba was shoot on the back of his spine, some months ago at Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra (Portugal).
The case was delivered to the Public Prosecutor, but the case was closed due to the lack of knowledge of the person who did it. A shoot was heard but the responsible person was never found, only Madiba was there laying on the ground.

A few days after his surgery, Madiba started to walk. First whit his front legs, than the back legs started to move, although very sloppy.
The vet recommended physiotherapy, aquatic physiotherapy, to make his recovery more fast.
This boy has a great will to live!
So we took him to the appointment and treatment at the veterinary hospital.
After 2 treatments, the director of the clinic suggest a very specific blood test because she suspect something else.

Sadly the blood test came positive! Madiba suffers from Degenerative Myelopathy...
This is an uncured illness and he needs exercise to have quality of life, as long he is willing to live.
Without exercise he will became paralyzed...
Madiba is a very happy, strong and full of life dog, so we want to give him a chance while is possible.

When we thought everything was resolved, we got a tremendous chock with this new... Poor Madiba!
Probably this was the reason he was shoot, to kill him :(

The exercise he needs is aquatic physiotherapy, which costs 250€/month.

Madiba needs godmothers and godfathers for his physiotherapy as long he lives with joy.

This is a very special appeal. If you can not help us, please consider sharing it!

See his video here:



Last February, Madiba was shot several times, including in the spine, which caused him paralysis of the back limbs.
He was operated because the bullet fragmented the bone that prevented him from having movements in the hind legs, but had sensitivity.
The surgery went well and the Madiba began to move the back legs alone, totally by itself. It was amazing to see you <3
Today he is hospitalized for physiotherapy so that he can recover 100%.
The beast that shot him in Quinta do Conde was not discovered :( But we do not give up. Any information is welcome.
We need support to pay for surgery (almost € 1000) and physiotherapy (which costs € 500 a month)
Bianca's bank detaisl:
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029
Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com


February 2017 Appeal

Dear friends,
Here we are once again with news and asking for your help.
Please take 5 minutes to read this email.
Only with your help, we can manage so many animals and so many urgent cases.
Feeding, medicating, taking care of hygiene of over 300 dogs and cats and, on top of that, having urgent cases with hospitalization and surgeries, is not an easy task, on the contrary is a very hard task.

Unfortunately, one of the animals we rescue on the night of January 28th at 20h in the night, was immediately taken to the vet by a volunteer, didn't resist and died. Had the spinal cord broken. However, we need to pay the RX and the exams / medication. He had a collar, was bit by a car in Zambujal (Sesimbra - Portugal), no one recognized the dog.

Mekinhos was found in Meco (Sesimbra - Portugal) on the side of the road. He has an anal hernia which needs surgery, urgently. This will cost 300€.
Nellie also has a hernia, an umbilical hernia. She's waiting surgery, but we cannot wait too much longer. As you can see her hernia is big. The surgery will - also - cost 300€.
The puppy Bob, see photo, was found in the middle of trash on the side of the trash container, in Cotovia (Sesimbra - Portugal), moaning... poor baby. Was immediately taken to the vet by a volunteer, where he stood for some time. Apparently was bitten and shaken by a bigger animal. Had a huge bruise on his head and neck. He was left on the trash to die... so cruel... Died some hours later...

We need, urgently, food for our animals and we also have a big bill to pay 2200€, from food that we bought. We need dry food, wet food. We need urgently all kind of food. It's so sad, the feeling of wanting to help them and not be able to...
For example, Billy, Hoban and Alpha need special dry food, otherwise they get sick:
Advance Atopic
Advance intolerance
Advance Leishmaniase


We have puppies that need first dry food, please help us:

Bianca Charity needs support for all its animals, which increase every month. Don't turn away, give a little as you can. Will make a big difference to us.

You may help us by sharing this appeal among your contacts.
Go to www.fazendoanimaisfelizes.blogspot.com and check the products. Remember all proceeds goes entirely to Bianca Charity no exception!

Thank you very much!


2017 Bianca's Calendars


It's official, we have 2017 Bianca's Calendars with us! They have arrived!!
This year cover represents "The United Color Paws of Bianca", the idea is that each animal has the right to have a second chance in life to be happy, cherished and loved, no exception.
The 13 sheets calendar is bilingual, Portuguese and English. And each month has a successful story of an animal - dogs and cats, stories that begun with neglected animals but with dedication and love of all people envolved turn out to be a success case in the end.
With this calendar we want to celebrate our dedication our love for the animals. We want to celebrate our effort which make ever neglect animal into a case of success. And we want all of you to celebrate with us.
So this calendars is not a normal calendar but has also a postcard on each month, that you can take off and send to a love one, sharing your love for the animals with your contacts and helping us to reach more people all over the world!

Please keep in mind all proceeds goes to Bianca no exception, so you know you are really helping Bianca to help over 300 animals.
Would you let this calendar skip?
Order today (email: fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com)

Don't forget Christmas is just around the corner...
(Each calendars cost only 7,5 eurobiancas and we ship worldwide)